Junior JAB camps ages 12-19

Junior JAB camps 12-19

The JAB Junior (12-19) offers several sites for the camps: Isenfluh in theBernese Oberland, Tenero in Ticino. See our partner site of JAB Suisse Romande for registration and camp planning.

Photo below -(Building in Isenfluh in l’Oberland Bernois , one of the sites of the Junior camps):

bâtiment où se déroule les camps JAB à Isenfluh dans l'Oberland Bernois

Photo below – day of departure for the “bivouac” which includes sleeping in a tent. 3 suggested itineraries: “very big walk” “big walk” “small walk”. Departure at 5:30 am for the 15 brave campers who had chosen the first option. For others, an early awakening …

sortie des jeunes campeurs Jeunesse action bibilique junior à Isenfluh dans l'Oberland Bernois

Similar to the scouts and othe camps in Switzerland, all camps are declared/certified under the “Jeunesse+Sport Suisse” affiliation in th e category Sports camp/Trekking.

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