Association of Evangelical Churches Action Biblique

Action Biblique Church Association of Switzerland

L’Action Biblique Suisse is an Association of Churches seeking the honor and glory of God through the development of evangelical Protestant churches in Switzerland. It provides human and material resources intended for the service of the Churches with children, adolescents and adults in order to enable them to grow in the Christian faith. For more details please see: Purpose and Vision, History and our Statement of Faith for the list of our beliefs. This website groups together the activities of the churches in French and German speaking Switzerland. The majority of activites are in French/German, we provide an English translation for convenience. Please also vist the websites of the individual churches for more information on local events.

Activities / Events

Summer Camps Jeunesse Action Biblique (JAB)!

Register online for the! Camps, activities, training courses and many other surprises are included in the downloadable brochure. The aim of the JAB since 1943 has been to provide young people with physical (sports, hiking, camping), social (games) and spiritual fulfillment (bible studies and other spiritual activities).

The camps take place on several sites depending on the age of the campers: Arzier, Isenfluh, Tenero and Contamines (France). JAB is a non profit association and thanks to the help of numerous volunteers we are able to offer the camps at a very low and affordable price starting at 300Fr. Additional discounts are offered for people in need and first time JAB campers. Join the fun with us this summer!


The JAB Suisse Romande offers activities for children and teenagers throughout the year. It depends directly on the Association of Evangelical Churches of Swiss Biblical Action.

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Summer Reatreats in Isenfluh Switzerland

An Opportunity

For 78 years, thousands of people have discovered or deepened their knowledge of the Creator and Savior God there. Every year 8+ biblical retreat sessions give you the opportunity to receive teaching and renewal through the presentation of Bible Scripture. The sessions are typically 1h-1h30 daily while the rest of the day is free giving plenty of time for hiking, montaineerint or just lazing in front of the panoramic Jungfrau view. Registrations / Reservation can be made online at the Isenfluh website.

schedule of summer family retreat at Isenfluh (near Interlaken in the center of Switzerland).

Isenfluh/Berghaus :

→ a pleasantly comfortable mountain hotel with a panoramic dining room facing the Jungfrau, a lift and toilets on each floor. Bedding and towels and all meals are provided.
→ a place open to all, young and old, singles, couples and families.
→ an opportunity to be renewed through contact with the Word of God.
→ located in the heart of the Bernese Oberland, surrounded by magnificent landscapes that reveal the greatness of the Creator and offer many possibilities for summer or winter activities.
→ since 1943, the alpine center of the Evangelical Churches Action Biblique.

For more information see the Isenfluh/Berghaus website.