Evangelical Church Action Biblique Bern

Action Biblique Bern Church


We are an evangelical free church with three locations. The services in Gümligen, Kiesen and Burgdorf take place at 10 a.m.
At the same time, the children have their own Sunday school program by age.

 Vision / Vocation / Verse:

Our greatest vocation as a church is to listen to the Word of God, the Bible, and to shape our lives accordingly.

Church Address

The church has now expanded to meet in three different locations

Action Biblique Gümligen

Worbstrasse 328
3073 Gümligen

Action Biblique Kiesen

Bahnhofstrasse 34
3629 Kiesen

Action Biblique Burgdorf

Kirchbergstrasse 105
3400 Burgdorf


Pastor/Church Elders: Robert Bächtold, Markus Bischoff, Christopher Hadisaputro, Sandro Filippi

Contact :robert.baechtold@ab-bern.ch

Sermon mp3 available online (german only) ; program of activities

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