Action Biblique Suisse/Switzerland

Action Biblique Suisse Church Association

The « Action Biblique » church association in Switzerland currently includes 14 churches in the French and German parts of Switzerland. Additionally the church association extens to several other countries of the world including Portugal, Italy, Boivia, and Brazil. Literally translated as biblical action, is an evangelical missionary work that began in 1907, whose initial vocation was the dissemination of the Bible.

In addition to the churches in various cantons in French and German speaking Switzerland, Action Biblique Suisse is also active in christian Youth camps known as the JAB (Jeunesse (Youth) Action Biblique). Please see our dedicated Youth ministry page for more information.

Action Biblique Suisse also runs a christian retreat center called the Berghaus (literally “house in the mountains”). It is ideally located in the region of Interlaken. Please see our Isenfluh-Berghaus page and the main Isenfluh Berghaus website for more information. For more information on the local churches, visit the pages of the individual churches which are grouped by region (Canton).