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Setting aside a moment especially for God… Through our songs, our prayers and our listening to the Word, by our presence and sharing our lives with him, we want to offer worship to our God together. Services every Sunday at 10 a.m.


On Sunday mornings during worship we offer children aged 0 to 11 a program adapted to their age.

Free time

“Quartier Libre” offers entertainment for children aged 6 to 12. It is a social prevention program based on Christian values. This project is supported by our community.

Sharing, prayer, communion

Throughout the week different places welcome small groups, for more intimate moments than the Sunday morning gathering. Each place has its specificity: study of a book with debate, prayer meeting, study of biblical texts, sharing of the week’s experience with a view to prayer, meeting for ladies, “Lectio Divina”, … If you are interested please contact us to find out more.

Passion-book evenings

A moment of pleasure for reading enthusiasts. The principle is simple: A meeting in a friendly setting, each participant has ten minutes to present a book that has fascinated him, novel, play, collection of thoughts, tales … Coffee, tea, pastries and heated debates animate the evening. A good opportunity to discover new books and new people.

 Vision :

Protestant evangelical church

Individual responsibility and autonomy
Knowledge and power sharing (collegiality)
Refusal of totalitarianism, dogmatism
Cultural openness
Importance of the personal search for meaning and the formation of personal judgment
Respect for personal development and freedom of conscience
Taste for critical examination. Passion for truth in all fields, search for justice
Fundamental equality between all men, created in the image of God
Altruism, responsibility, search for the well-being of the community and of humanity
Call to evaluate oneself, to constantly reform oneself
General message of trust (grace) towards man
Call for solidarity in society

The faith

We believe in God, Eternal, Creator as the Bible reveals it to us.
We believe that God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the one true God. The Bible is the only reference for our faith and for our conduct

The Church

Our belief is that faith is a personal response to God’s offering for our salvation. One is not born a Christian, one becomes one through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Our heritage

Evangelical churches arose from Protestantism. The 16th century reform rediscovered the great principles that we share: The Word of God alone, Faith alone, Grace alone.

Church Address:

Rue des Oeuches 11a
2740 Moutier

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Tél. bureau: 077 441 70 93

Philip Ribe

Contact: envie2parler@gmail.com

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