Senior JAB Camps ages 19-30

Senior JAB Camps ages 19-30

JAB Senior is… meeting and exchanging… relaxing and rejuvenating… trying to meet everyone’s expectations and needs… meeting and studying the Word of God. The it is attached to the Eglises Action Biblique de Vevey and Monthey as well as the other churches in Suisse Romande and France. The Senior camps camps take place in Contamines-Montjoie. 

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you are invited to come and spend these few days in the mountains with us! Come and enjoy these times when God is in the spotlight! Come and enjoy the snow and the sun… and without necessarily being a skier or snowboarder! Lots of cool activities are possible: snowshoeing, biathlon, ice skating, hiking, board games, baths, swimming, curling … there is even the possibility of bringing your revisions if you have exams in January …

Registrations are made by email to the following address (please include name, first name, date of birth):

See the JAB suisse romande website and you tube channel for more informations.

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