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Renens market

The Renens Market is a weekly market which is held on Saturday mornings at the Market Square, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is the largest market in the canton of Vaud, with more than 100 stands. There is a wide variety of food products available, including fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, fish, dairy products, ready meals, etc. There are also a few stalls selling non-food products, such as flowers, plants, clothing and accessories.

The Renens Market is a friendly place where residents of Renens and the surrounding area come to do their shopping, and also to meet and socialize. It is also an ideal place to discover local and seasonal products.

In addition to the main Saturday market, there is also a smaller market held on Wednesday afternoons, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. This market is more focused on non-food products, such as flea markets, clothing, accessories and crafts.

The Renens Market is easily accessible by public transport. It is located near Renens station, which is served by train, metro and bus. There are also several parking lots near the market. It is located on the aptly named Place du Marché, in the immediate vicinity of more than 200 shops and restaurants. Parking spaces available.
Public transport: tl lines 17, 19, 25, 31, 32, 33, 36, 38 and 54, M1 and RER Vaud

The AB Lausanne-Renens church is present on the market once a month!

Once a month the AB Lausanne-Renens church is present on the stand. They welcome people who want to discover the church. Each month two books in particular are chosen to be presented on the stand (one for children and one for adults). These books are generally available on the  Maison de la Bible website  and in the church bookstore.

Examples of books on display (child/adult)

“The True Story of Christmas”

Author: Sarah Roth

“The True Story of Christmas” by Sarah Roth is a book that relates the origin and deep meaning of the Christmas holiday. The author delves into the historical and spiritual roots of this celebration, demystifying popular traditions and shedding light on the true lessons that Christmas can offer.

Through biblical stories and anecdotes, Sarah Roth recounts the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, highlighting the importance of this event for Christians. She explores traditional symbols such as the star, the manger, and gifts, illuminating their meaning in the context of the Savior’s birth.

L'Histoire vraie de Noël livre de Sarah Roth

The author also highlights the spirit of generosity, sharing and love that characterizes Christmas. She encourages readers to rediscover the true message of this holiday, to draw closer to God and to show gratitude to Him and to others.

“The True Story of Christmas” is an inspiring book that invites readers to place the holiday in its spiritual context and find a personal connection with the deeper meaning of Christmas. It is a poignant reminder of God’s love for humanity and the hope that Jesus brings to the world.

Overcome anxiety

Author:  David Powlison

The feeling of an incessant whirlwind of thoughts – always the same ones – passing back and forth in your mind.

In this little book, the author wants to help you discover what your anxiety reveals about your heart. He invites you to place your anxious thoughts at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ so that he may give you peace, then he offers you advice to better understand, control and channel your anxiety in a constructive way.

Strong points :

  • a brochure that goes to the essentials
  • a basis for biblical reflection
  • wise and relevant advice


  • anxiety
  • letting go
  • trust
  • the love of God

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